Alberta Arts Residence

TYPE Extensive Rennovation
LOCATION Portland, Oregon
Completed 2019
2,200 SF

Constructed in 1906, this classic Portland bungalow is located in the Alberta Arts District of Portland. This home was largely ignored for over 30 years and had fallen into extreme disrepair. We were immediately struck by the many original architectural features that were intact and were inspired by what the house could be. Through an extensive top to bottom renovation spanning 12 months, we were able to completely restore and enhance this home to meet the demands of modern life. In addition to renovating the existing square footage, we finished the basement and added additional living space including a full bathroom, two bedrooms and a family room.

This home underwent a variety of updates, including full restoration of the exterior, build out of the basement, full renovation of the interior and new exterior landscaping. The interior was taken down to the studs in order to replace existing electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems and add new insulation.

We retained all the original casings and moldings and any detail worth restoring. Original double hung windows were removed and refinished and exact replicas made for windows that had deteriorated beyond repair.

The design objective for finishing the interior spaces was to honor the past while integrating fresh and modern kitchen and bathrooms. This was done with careful consideration to ensure that all interior spaces felt cohesive. All flooring that could be salvaged was retained and areas beyond repair were replicated to their original specification. New top-nailed oak floors were introduced to the kitchen to help create continuity throughout the house.

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Portland, OR

503 473 0567  
Portland, OR