Complete project list (black dots above indicate project locations)
Unknown Residence - New single-family house

Graham Renovation - Exterior renovation
Woodstock ADU - New ADU
Tenant Improvement - Portland, OR
SW Moss Renovation - Kitchen renovation
Marfa Compound - Camp compound in Marfa, TX
El Camino Real Renovation - Office renovation in Atascadero, CA
Tunnelwood Renovation - Full house renovation
Altadena Renovation - Kitchen and bath renovation
Westmoreland Kitchen - Kitchen renovation
Woodstock Renovation II - Full house renovation
Camp Polk Residence - New single-family house in Sisters, OR
Westmoreland Kitchen- Kitchen renovation

Montavilla ADU - New ADU
Hockinson Residence - Renovation to existing estate in WA
Bethany Renovation - Full house renovation
Powell Butte Residence - New single-family house in Bend, OR
Vashon 3 - New single-family house on Vashon Island, WA
Rivo Alto House - New single-family house in Los Angeles
Lakeview Summit Renovation - Renovation in Lake Oswego
West Slope Renovation - Full house renovation
Creston-Kenilworth ADU - New ADU
Willow House Renovation - Full house renovation
Sherwood House - Full house renovation
Moore Residence - New single-family house (with Sanct Architecture)
V Street House - Full house renovation
Sabin ADU - New ADU
Camacho Kitchen - Kitchen renovation
Kitchen - Kitchen renovation

Vashon 2 - New single-family house on Vashon Island, WA
Vashon 1 - New single-family house on Vashon Island, WA
Stange Renovation - Full house renovation 
Southshore Residence - Full house renovation
Glass Link Ladder - High-end custom ladder design
VC Fitness Space Plan - Space plan
Lake Front Road Renovation - Full house renovation
Crestwood - Kitchen renovation
Ball Renovation - Full-house renovation 
Heritage House - New single-family house
Wesley Renovation - Full house renovation
Jeffries ADU - New ADU
La Vista Encantada - Full-house renovation
Meridian Kitchen - Kitchen renovation

Upper Hall Residence - New single-family house
South Cliff Residence - New single-family house
Scheuber House - New single-family house
Grant Barn - New single-family house
Anti-Stuffy House - New single-family house
Klickitat Residence - New single-family house
West Linn Residence - New single-family house
Vasquez Addition - Residential renovation
La Plaza en Canas - Master planning of 12 unit project 
Rowe Addition - Residential addition
Rodriguez Kitchen - Kitchen renovation
Jones Renovation - Residential addition
Terwilliger I - Full house renovation
Courtyard on Hogan East - 15 Unit apartment building
Vancouver 30 - 30 unit apartment building (with Valeant Architecture)
Bend ADU - ADU in existing house 
Portland ADU - New ADU
Grant Street Kitchen - Kitchen renovation
Swift Cabin - New cabin
River House Addition - Residential addition
Willamette Heights Renovation - Residential renovation

Sauvie Island Residence - New single-family house
Urban Aerie - Full house renovation
Women’s Health Center of Southern Oregon - Commercial interior renovation
SW Hills Condo - Full condominum renovation
Ladd’s Addition House - Full house renovation
Milwaukie ADU - New ADU
Light Six Ways - Interior residential renovation
Flavel Feasibility - Feasibility study for multiple new houses 
Richmond House - Full house renovation 
Oakhouse - Full house renovation
GoatHaus - Shed conversion to ADU
NEPDX ADU - Basement ADU
THE HIVE - New retail storefront 
Woodstock Renovation - Full house renovation
SE Industrial Warehouse - Renovation to food distribution warehouse
Island Market - Grocery store addition and renovation
White Pepper - Tasting room renovation

Plane House - New single-family house
Forest Park House - Full house renovation to 7,000 SF house (with Sanct Architecture)
Alberta House - Full house renovation
Sockolov Garage - Garage conversion
Patamar Office - Interior office renovation
The Gregory Renovation - Condominium renovation
Portland Sixplex - Multi-family addition
TRI Shelves - Modular, apartment-ready wood shelves

Stafford House - New single-family house
Kenton Addition - Residential addition (with Sanct Architecture)
Stealth Cabin - Cabin
Wellness Center - New wellness center (with Sanct Architecture)
Summit - Cabin design & master plan
SE Warehouse - 20,000 SF warehouse renovation (with Sanct Architecture)
Living Waters Medford - 30,000 SF church renovation (with Sanct Architecture)
NW Portland ADU - New ADU
The Weller House - Social club
Rosewood - Landscape design, site planning, custom outdoor furniture

Birch Loft - Garage conversion to ADU

Puyallup House - New single-family house
Young House - New single-family house

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Portland, OR

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Portland, OR