Stafford Residence

TYPE New Construction
LOCATION Stafford, Oregon
Completed 2020
4,200 SF
Dwell Magazine,,
Stafford, Oregon is a rural hamlet 15 miles south of Portland. Characterized by lush rolling fields and thick stands of Douglas Fir, the homes in this area are situated on large plots with long winding driveways. Stafford Residence takes its inspiration from the beauty of its bucolic setting as well as Scandinavian country homes which are typified by their orientation toward natural beauty. The house lacks any designated front or rear but rather is positioned to view both to the north and south. The home is parceled out into three wings; the first wing contains the children’s bedrooms, the middle wing contains living room, dining room and the kitchen, and the third wing contains the primary bedroom suite as well as a guest bedroom and utility areas. The wings are arranged around an outdoor patio and fireplace oriented toward the north.

From the outset, the home was designed with simple, clean detailing and materials. Grey-washed vertical cedar siding, standing seam metal roofing and large black-framed windows and doors combine for a modern and restrained palate. The garage volume is clad in black standing seam metal to distinguish it from the main residence. At exterior sliders and doors, the facade recedes to create shelter and covering and is signified by a material change to clear-coated vertical cedar siding. Interior spaces were finished with smooth white walls, polished concrete floors and minimal white oak casework.

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Portland, OR

503 473 0567  
Portland, OR